Shakespeare & Media

Bucky with skull
Photo By Rick Marolt

Offered Fall 2016 Tues/Thurs at 9:55am, English 162: “Shakespeare and Media” will be team taught by Professors Joshua Calhoun and Jonathan Senchyne and feature guest lectures from professional actors, outside scholars, and other UW-Madison professors in the humanities.  In the course, students will learn how ideas have been mediated in various forms—handwritten scrolls, printed books, vinyl discs, YouTube, graphic novels, social media, etc.—from 1616 (the year Shakespeare died) to 2016.

Focusing on “The Book that Gave us Shakespeare,” the course will take advantage of the First Folio Tour in Wisconsin. We’ll think especially about media as objects that “give” us things—authors and ideas and narratives—that we might not otherwise be able to access. Additionally, the course will put students into contact with resources in Special Collections, the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Chazen Museum, the American Players Theatre, and more.

Shakespeare and Media is funded by an Educational Innovation Grant for Blended Course Development